Lend An Ear

At CIB we pride ourselves on listening, understanding and knowing a client’s key messages, drivers and opinions inside and out.

This ensures that we can produce proactive comment pieces and feature articles that are on message, resulting in fewer copy amends and a quick timeline of the draft to distribution. Importantly, this detailed knowledge can also be used to hook into current industry debates and discussions, to present a unique and newsworthy story angle. This is crucial when the client is a voice amongst many, looking to be heard on the key issues facing the construction industry.

One such example is the work we do for the Structural Timber Association (STA). Within the construction industry, there are a plethora of industry bodies offering expert advice and research findings in order to better their specific sector. Currently, in the midst of a skills shortage, the house-building sector is looking for alternatives to traditional building methods to ensure homes are produced in a faster, more efficient manner. As such, there are a number of professional bodies, companies and organisations, professing that they have a potential solution to the crisis.

Fully understanding the benefits of structural timber, and the underlying ethos and holistic strategy of the STA, ensures key messages are communicated in a timely and succinct manner.

By attending client events, including AGM’s and seminars alongside traditional PR meetings, a detailed insight into the product and direction of the organisation can be gained.

This knowledge and understanding can then be used to hook into industry discussions and offer the sector technical feature articles. It is therefore of significant importance to remain well informed of all industry news and trends. A specialist agency, we (CIB) pride ourselves on being up to date with industry news, with the CIB news conference making the rounds each morning, helping inform and shape our PR activities.

This enables us to pitch and importantly secure articles for our clients, highlighting the benefits of, for example, structural timber over traditional building methods.

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