Social Trends in Construction

Social media, it hasn't been around long and it's constantly changing, compared to traditional marketing it’s a baby industry.

The ever-changing social media landscape certainly keeps us on our toes. It means we have to be constantly adapting to whatever the likes of Facebook and Twitter decided to change next.

Here are the two big trends we’re seeing in our clients’ accounts.

1. Social Media ads

Facebook organic reach has been drying up recently, and with articles like ‘Planning for the Zero Organic Reach Apocalypse’ there is certainly a lot of pessimism around the future of organic reach.

With a number of clients we have been running Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn ads all of which have been delivering some amazing results. In some cases we’ve seen an increase in Facebook likes of over a third, purely from running one ad campaign for a week.

As social media networks get even more saturated it becomes harder to stand out amongst all the noise. Paid ads are helping to increase both the reach of content and the likes / followers of our clients’ accounts. Which leads me to trend number two.

2. Content diversity.

Social media, like most of the Internet, started out fairly simply with text being the dominant type of post. Now though it’s essential to have a range of content types, with visual content leading the way.

This has meant an increase in the video content we produce and share, not to mention the increased focus on images and infographics. All content that helps our clients stand out from the noise.

Both of these are ways we’ve been addressing the biggest challenge facing anyone on social media, namely how do you stand out in a sea of content.

The answer is simple and often overused; you need to produce good content. Content that appeals to your audience in the format they want, be it a video recorded from a drone or content platforms like STN.

Above all we need to be prepared to adapt to any changes that come our way.

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