Sometimes a little change has to ‘app’ en

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Sometimes a little change has to ‘app’ en
Sometimes a little change has to ‘app’ en Sometimes a little change has to ‘app’ en
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A lot has changed since 1996 when we launched the Zumtobel Photographic Competition. Open only to Architects, the brief has always remained the same - take a selection of great shots of anything that's particularly unusual, preferably of the built environment, with a simple Zumtobel branded disposable camera.

Although the principle has remained the same, our promotion of the competition has moved from a traditional media partnership with a leading architectural magazine each year to relying purely on digital platforms and social media channels.

You don’t change a winning formula, but sometimes a little evolution has to happen and 2016 was that year with the launch of a dedicated photographic competition app spelling the end of the trusted disposable camera.

Our promotional video looks back at the world as it was in 1996 - John Major was still in power, Google didn’t exist, the Spice Girls hit the music scene for the first time coinciding with Take That and Charles and Diana both splitting up. Then, of course, there was the birth of Dolly the Sheep and football almost coming home at Euro 96.

Yet throughout all the intervening years, the Zumtobel Photographic Competition has remained one re-assuring constant. It's a great example of how a brilliant concept can be re-invented and successfully promoted over the years as communications channels change.

In 2015 we had over had over 1,000 competition entries. Will the move to a dedicated competition app work as well? We’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, see it, tap it, app it.

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