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The Colour of Money


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As the sole UK trade federation representing the manufacturers of coatings (paints, printing inks, powder coatings and wallcoverings), the British Coatings Federation (BCF) has a key role to play in promoting the industry to the wider public and encouraging fresh blood to the industry.

With the latter objective in mind, we were tasked with creating a short video aimed at attracting British and European chemistry graduates into the coatings industry.

What makes the video particularly impressive is no dedicated footage was shot for the purposes of this video. Instead it’s been created completely from stock footage, which was carefully selected to deliver the script and overarching communications message for graduates to consider a career in colour.

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Client testimonial

“We’re absolutely delighted with this video created by CIB, which has been really well received both in the UK and across Europe. Our brief was to create a 3 minute video to fit the script and we found the process to be both smooth and enjoyable. CIB were a pleasure to work with and it’s hard to believe that no costly bespoke video footage was required with the whole 3 minutes using just stock footage”.

- Tom Bowtell, Chief Executive Officer, British Coatings Federation