Capitalising on London Bridge

Prater is the UK’s leading specialist contractor, delivering high quality design and installation services for the complete building envelope.

With its technical expertise and ability to pioneer the latest construction methods, Prater was commissioned by main contractor Costain to work on the London Bridge redevelopment, one of the most complex projects undertaken by Network Rail.

CIB quickly identified the opportunity such a high profile project represented – and began the process to create a documentary video that included a time-lapse element to highlight how the team at Prater took off site manufacturing to a whole new level.

The ‘Delivering London Bridge’ video case study became an integral piece of value content around which CIB was able to build an integrated communications campaign – utilising DM, PR and Social Media.

The time-lapse element of the documentary required meticulous planning and resulted in an exemplar video capturing the project as it progressed alongside interviews with all the key stakeholders.

The video itself was sold into Construction News on an exclusive basis for a one-month period before being disseminated more widely to other leading online publications as well as through all of Prater’s social media channels.

To further capitalise on this outstanding piece of content, CIB proposed the creation of a printed video DM piece containing a 4.3 inch screen to play the London Bridge case study video. This was distributed on a staggered basis to a tightly targeted list of 50 of Prater’s key and existing clients within the infrastructure and rail sector.

Critical to the campaign's success was integration with the Prater sales team - with every mailer personally followed up by a member of their team. Prater is also now using the video DM to support its tendering for other large scale rail sector projects and the plan is develop similar exemplar videos and video DM’s to support their tenders in other sectors.

“The development of London Bridge was a milestone project for us as a business and we therefore needed to create maximum exposure. CIB managed the video project over the course of a two year period and crucially – provided us with an effective plan when it came to pushing out such a valuable piece of content. The DM received some fantastic feedback from our clients and we are very happy with the results.”

- Kate Prater, Associate Director for Marketing at Prater

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