Creating a guide to sustainable construction

One thing we pride ourselves on at CIB is our technical copywriting abilities, turning a technical topic into something that is engaging, easy and enjoyable to read. A great example of this is the recent 35-page eBook that we’ve created for our client Trimble: “Guide to Sustainable Construction with Digital Technology”.

Joanne King - Junior Account Manager

Joanne Sproston (nee King)25.07.2023

This the second eBook we’ve created for Trimble and focuses on sustainable construction and the role that digital technology can play in enabling earlier and more informed decision making.

As this is a saturated topic within Trimble’s sector (and indeed the construction industry as a whole), we tried to take a slightly different approach. While commonly the conversation focuses around reducing embodied carbon at the design and engineering stages, we decided to take a three-chapter approach, instead exploring carbon and digital technology during the engineering, fabrication and on-site construction workflows.

Combining copywriting skills with our CIB creative team, we were able to turn the words into a modern, attractive and on-brand eBook. We’ll also be working to promote the guide through social media advertising and paid media, helping to get the word out about the support Trimble can offer for all stages of the construction sequence, helping everyone to build greener.

Keep an eye out for the eBook ‘Guide to Sustainable Construction with Digital Technology’ on their social feeds!

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